This is our pre-order for our fully sheet metal rock sliders! Final photos will be released in a few days followed by production orders shipping 3-6 weeks.

Our sliders were design with extreme strength in mind while maintaining high ground clearance. They were also designed with the idea of achieving a more factory look and giving the your car a solid place to step. They are compatible with both KDSS and non-KDSS vehicles. 

The top cap is made from aluminum and is bolted on to a fully fabricated steel base made from a mix of 3/16, 8ga, and 10ga steels.

These will come in 2 versions, one for the fabricators, sold as "weld it yourself kit", And one as a fully Mig welded slider set. Both kits come with everything needed to bolt onto your vehicle.

These sliders wind up giving you an extremely durable, 100% bolt on sliders to protect against hard rock hits and scrapes while you're out wheeling. 

**These do not come powder coated. They will be sold in raw steel only**