This is our interior storage system for the rear windows of the 5th gen 4runners. It is made from 1/8" aluminum and CNC cut and tapped to be able to mount anything you can strap down or bolt down with 10-32 screws.

This system has standard MOLLE style cut outs for straps and bags that utilize this type of system, but what makes our storage system different is the addition of drill and tapped screw hole in between each of these. Because of this, you can use any 10-32 screws and bolt down all sorts of things ranging from brackets and clamps to our shelf system for even more storage.

The window panels are completely bolt-on and utilize factory hardware. The shelf system is 100% adjustable and can be moved anywhere in between the side panels and in any position. They can be mounted horizontal and vertical, and you can add more than one so you have a mutli-layer shelf.

This system now fits and functions with 3rd row seats  

PS- 3rd gen 4runner coming soon....