Light weight low profile design, Built from aircraft grade aluminum. Designed with modularity in mind, it uses simple brackets and extruded aluminum to have the ability to mount, strap, or clamp down anything you need.

This rack is configured to have up to a 40" single row led light bar mounted in the windscreen. The light sits recessed in the wind screen to reduce wind resistance as much as possible. This also helps with keeping the full length of the rack usable incase of the need to carry over sized items.

The cross bars are made from extruded aluminum. They are machined to fit multiple different types of mounts and accessories. Specifically, 1/4" carriage bolts and eyelets. With this type of system, mounting anything you can dream up becomes a breeze. We offer all types of brackets and quick disconnects to mount your gear. Check out our Accessories section regularly as we are always trying to innovate new products and systems.

Weight limits... this one is tricky. We have engineered this system to be more than capable of carrying a roof top tent system, luggage, bikes, kayaks, pelican cases, etc. Heck, with our removable platform sections, you can even throw a couple chairs up there and star gaze or watch fire works on the 4th of July! But with that said, adding to much weight to one section can cause damage. Adding to much weight to a moving vehicle this high above the roll center of the car can also have very adverse effects. So PLEASE, use caution and your best judgement when mounting things to the top of yours, or any other vehicle. We want all our customer and friends out there safe and having fun!!

**This product will add addition wind noise to your car. please be mindful of this when ordering**

If this item shows in stock, it will ship with in 48 business hours of your order